December 2010 Newsletter

Welcome to another edition of our Newsletter.

Starting in 2011 we will be raising the subscription price for new signups to $17.95. This will only affect new signups.. any existing recurring memberships will remain at the old rate for rebills for as long as they're still members.

You can still take advantage of our $14.95/month price now and forever by joining before this change takes effect. As long as you remain a member you'll be rebilled at the $14.95 rate each month until you cancel.

Exclusive Interview
Jessica McFarland is a beautiful young journalist granted an exclusive interview with controversial rap group "Black Phallus". While her wimpy white husband looks on helpless from a backstage monitor, her beautiful blonde wife is seduced into blowing the three largest Black cocks she's ever laid eyes on.
Halloween Fantasy
Monica pays a visit to her psychologist to describe her latest sexual fantasy involving 3 Black strangers who show up at her house on Halloween evening trick or treating. Soon thereafter she's taking their giant cocks in all 3 orifices.. her hot mouth, tight pussy and sweet ass.. all at once!
Relic Hunter
Relic hunter Victoria White searches for an ancient relic belonging to an old African clan of Giants. She comes upon one of the giant tribesman who (having never seen a white woman before) won't let her pass any further unless she passes his sordid test to prove she's human.
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